Who we are

Ovaitt is a graphic design studio dedicated to improving health through design. We are on a mission to build a healthier future for all people by making health information and data more accessible, memorable, visually compelling and easier to understand.



Health Matters.

We take the time to understand the broader context of every project and its impact on health. By placing people at the center of our work, we design solutions that inform and empower the
end user.


Health is Complex.

We prioritize research and focus exclusively on health to create data driven and scientifically accurate content. Our expertise in this field means we have the deep understanding required to extract meaningful insights from health data or information.


Design Can Improve Health.

Design is a transformative tool for change. We collaborate with clients to identify the best design and data visualization format to align with project goals for maximum impact.


We work with leading health organizations on projects of all shapes and sizes, across all forms of media.

  • Cover Design

  • Data Visualization

  • Infographics

  • Interactive Infographics

  • Motion Graphics


Ovaitt is comprised of a global community of designers, artists, developers and entrepreneurs united by a commitment to improve health.